1977 Camaro Z-28

Camaro Z-28. Rare. I bought this car form the original family owners. It has its original 350 LM1 engine, 25,152 original miles, original black paint with original decals, original exhaust original Borg Warner 4 speed transmission, original carburetor original am fm 8 track, original interior, etc Facts I found on the internet: Fact In 1977 the z28 were either build in Ohio or CA . This one was build in Ohio and it came with more HP then ones that were build in CA and in CA you could not get a 4 speed. Fact only 6 % like this one had 4 speeds. Fact they used a 1977 Camaro in the movie Transformer, they called the Bumble bee Camaro, Fact the 1977 camaro was the first year to out sell the mustang in 10 years Fact there was no z28 for the year 75 or 76 so the 77 was the come back z28 and in 77 the sales went up to new levels for Camaro, enthusiasts like the return of the Z28, the 77 z28 was a different Z28 from before, with excellent handling and cool new graphics. Fact they revised the z28 for the next year of 1978 and made way more of them thats 54,907 of them and even more for 1979, 84,877 of them Hard to find the 77 z28 compare to the 78 to 81 z28 and in the 67 to 73 well even if the made even less of them the difference is not many people save and kept the 77 z28 like they did the 67 to 73 The 77 z28 are rare and collectible as they only made a number of them and for less than a year, not that many still out there and for sale in originality and like i wrote not many people kept these 1977 camaro z28, i know because of the movie Bandit allot of people bought kept and save the 1977 Pontiac trans am, which are easy to find unlike the 77 z28 in originality Way more automatic were made then 4 speed like i mention you could not even get a 4 speed in CA To sum it up how many have original engine paint interior 4 speed trans drive train low mile etc 77 z28 are out there, and are still in existence and not at a junk yard some where because people didn't buy them keep them save them, i would guess only a few of them are still out there and as far as any of them for sale well that very hard to find as this year alone i only seen one for sale in all originality with low miles and that sold at BJ for i think around 40k OTD and it was an automatic So don't let this one get away, this original 77 z28 is one of the fewest Nicest rarest camaro's z28 out there ! and makes a great investment and will go up in value. I have a gm good wrench car inspection, everything checks out, It runs, drives, handles, shifts, steers, stop, accelerate great ! In excellent condition for a original 32 year old car but keep in mind that this is not a flawless restored camaro, and thats a good things as i think untouched cars are worth allot more and because it has not been restored there are some imperfections but not to big for examples the decals should be replace as its starting to peel on the hood as these are the original 32 years old decals, i did order a new set that will go with the car or i can have it put on for you, the paint is orginal and its 32 years old so its not perfect and in 1977 they didn't do a good job painting these car anyways as you can ask any knowledgeable camaro guy that The car will come with the window sticker, dealer invoice, owners manual, brochure, a car and drive magazine featuring the 1977 z28 on the front cover Asking only $19,500 for this rare gem, and i think thats fair for this rare Camaro, will soon be worth alot more but i will still take a best cash offer for negotiating purpose please no low balling, Give me a call if you have any questions about the car. Thanks and have a great one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/38275299@N07/sets/72157621690214361/show/

Price - $ 19,500 OBO

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Cupertino, California US
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1977 Camaro Z-28

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1977 Camaro Z-28 1977 Camaro Z-28 1977 Camaro Z-28