1928 Ford Model A Roadster

Ford Model A Roadster. An Authentic/1957 Constructed, 1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod Roadster:

A period Hot Rod is one of the rarest finds in Hot Rodding. It's certainly cool to have a period-correct built Hot Rod...but its quite something else to have an original Hot Rod that was originally built in 1957 with nothing but available parts from the '50's!!! And it's even more special when they are unmolested and they run and drive like it was 1957! Posers beware...this is the real deal!!!

This Original Period-Constructed Hot Rod was painstakingly constructed from 1955-1957 with various Ford, Studebaker, Pontiac, Hudson and Diamond REO components!!! Titled in 1957 by the original constructor in Michigan as an "Assembled" Vehicle (that's how they classified a Hot Rod built in Michigan in 1957 from various parts and pieces!!!).

The original photos and documentation of the build are included in the purchase and are available for viewing in person (A 3-Ring Binder of the build details circa 1955-1957). This prevents those Posers I mentioned from copying/pasting them and using them for evil and not good...

Pulled out of the original Constructor's barn in September 2010 and mechanically repaired to "run & drive" by the Hot Rod Experts Mole & Whizzer. No current parts, wires, tie wraps or "other" readily available dealie-do's were used in getting her running and driving (except a new battery and headlight switch).

Amazing Details and Features:

* '38 Ford Flat Head with a Hot Rod Mercury Bore & Stroke
* Period-Edmunds Aluminum Intake Manifold w/twin Holley 94 Two Barrel Carburetors & Air Cleaners
* Relocated Generator and Custom Idler Pulley Mount/Pulleys
* Channeled '28 Ford Roadster body on a custom-built/modified 1928 Model A frame, w/Modified Model A front & Rear Suspension, with modified drag link and custom-constructed wishbones
* Ford Truck Custom-constructed Grill
* Custom Hood Utilizes Diamond Reo Headlights cut and formed for the
Steering and Hood "Bubble"
* '54 Studebaker Conestoga Station Wagon V8 Dash Cluster & Army Surplus Tachometer in a Custom Walnut Dash
* White and Teal Boat Seat(s)
* Blue Shag Carpet
* Quick Removal "Lake Pipe" Cut Outs in front Exhaust
* "Guide" Head Lights
* Smithy's Mufflers into 4" Tail Pipes
* 6V "Autopulse" Electric Fuel Pump
* '40 Ford Hydraulic Brakes & Wire Wheels
* '49 Ford Radiator with '39 Ford Outlets Mated to the Heads
* Port-a-Wall Sidewalls
* Mercury Hub Caps Adapted to the '40 Wheels
* Custom "Suspended" Brake Pedal and Accelerator Linkage
* Hudson Master Cylinder
* 3 Speed Ford Top Loader Transmission
* Torque Tube Driveshaft and early Ford Differential
* Period "Blue Streak" Bee Hive Ignition Coil
* Pontiac Fuse Box
* Buick Steering Wheel
* Montgomery Ward Trailer Fenders/Tail Lamps
* 6V Electrical System w/New Battery
* Painted Pheasant Red (Deep Maroon)

Yes, Yes, Yes...this car does run and drive!

All the fluids have been changed, (engine oil, trans gear oil, diff gear oil, brake fluid & coolant), one new water pump, rebuilt master cylinder, fuel tank cleaned and sealed, fuel pump rebuilt, carbs rebuilt, fresh dual points, brakes flushed & bled, all wiring as installed in '57 is operational/functional. Speedo and the temp/oil pressure gauges were never wired in '57.

Just featured in a centerfold spread/4-page article in the March 2011 issue of Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine!!!

Call and make an appointment to ask me to point out the many details that make this period-constructed '50's Hot Rod so special. Surely an investment to enjoy for years to come.

Call Mike for a personal showing.

PRICE REDUCED $ 18,500 Possible trades for high quality Muscle Cars and Hot Rods considered...

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Warrenville, Illinois US
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1928 Ford Model A Roadster

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1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster 1928 Ford Model A Roadster